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  • FRENCH LANGUAGE TEACHERS:  increase your French fluency and knowledge of French culture during our summer immersion workshop in Lyon in 2018.
  • WOMEN: discover Paris or Provence with your girlfriends

We have lived, studied, and worked in France for over thirty years, enabling us to design unique itineraries that reflect France’s innate beauty and fascinating history.  Whether you join one of our private groups or travel on your own custom itinerary, we are confident you'll love our take on France.


Our groups are small; we intend to keep them that way.  Rather than race through the countryside to see as many sites and towns as possible, each trip focuses on one area and fans out from there; you’ll unpack only once.   We are motivated by our travelers’ curiosity and desire to learn; our fluency in both French and English facilitate your intercultural experience.


We offer immersion programs in French for French language teachers wishing to improve their French skills and broaden their lesson plans, as well as custom tours for private groups with special interests.


For women who love Paris, think about joining our select Paris for Women tours held once every other year, either our Paris of the Belle Epoque or our Paris Insider.  Prefer Provence?  We offer the best of Provence with a glass of wine in our Wine with Everything tour.  Based in Aix-en-Provence.


Contact us.  Nous vous attendons!